Apple Launches Apple TV, Music, and Devices Apps on Windows

Apple has finally released its Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices apps for Windows, marking a significant move for the company and a new era for Apple users on Windows.

These apps, along with an updated iCloud app, offer a more unified experience and provide Windows users with easier access to Apple’s content and services.

A Farewell to iTunes for Many

With the introduction of these dedicated apps, the role of iTunes on Windows devices becomes more limited.

Active users of Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices no longer need iTunes to enjoy these services. However, iTunes will still be necessary for accessing podcasts and audiobooks.

Apple TV: Streaming and Personal Movie & TV Show Collection

The Apple TV app allows Windows users to watch movies and TV shows from their iTunes library and access the Apple TV+ streaming service.

Users can enjoy a wide range of Apple Originals, documentaries, and other cinematic works through this app.

Apple Music: Enjoy Your Music Library and Additional Content

The Apple Music app provides access to the iTunes music library, song and album purchases, the Apple Music streaming service, and other features available in the iOS and macOS versions.

Windows users can enjoy their entire digital music collection and explore various genres and other musical works through this app.

Apple Devices: Backup, Sync, and Manage Apple Devices

The Apple Devices app is designed to make it easy for Personal Computer (PC) users to back up and restore iPhones and iPads, as well as seamlessly manage content synchronization between devices.

Users can enjoy the convenience of managing Apple devices directly from their Windows devices.

Collaboration with Microsoft and Limitations

Microsoft played a role in the development of these three Apple apps and has welcomed their release.

Previously, Microsoft also introduced iCloud Photos integration in Windows 11, allowing users to connect their iCloud Photos library with the built-in photo app.

Important Information to Note

  • Apple’s new apps for Windows are currently only available for traditional x86-based PCs running Windows 10 or Windows 11. There is no information yet about the availability of an ARM64 version for Qualcomm-based Windows devices.
  • With the introduction of these dedicated apps, the role of iTunes on Windows is further diminished. For users who only use Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices, iTunes is no longer a primary requirement.
  • With the launch of these apps, Windows users who use Apple devices now have more choices and control over their content.
  • The arrival of these three apps marks a new chapter for Apple users on Windows.
  • With the ease of use and features offered, switching from iTunes to these three apps can be an increasingly attractive option.
  • Apple also hopes to expand its service reach to Windows users and provide a more integrated experience.

So, will you be switching from iTunes and trying these new apps? And will Apple release an ARM64 version for Qualcomm-based Windows devices? Let’s wait for the good news.

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