Apple TV Plus Unveils Sci-Fi Surprise: “Constellation” Premieres!

Apple TV Plus has quietly become a leading streaming platform for science fiction series. With adaptations, original stories, and even spin-offs like “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,” the platform offers a diverse range of Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) content.

The platform continues to expand its sci-fi library with “Constellation“, a dark, eerie, and mind-bending series reminiscent of “True Detective: Night Country“.

A Space Mystery

The first three episodes of “Constellation” premiered on Apple TV Plus on February 21, 2024.

The series follows astronaut Jo (Noomi Rapace) who is part of a team on the International Space Station (ISS).

On the ISS, there is a mysterious and experimental device belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). When the device is activated for testing, disaster strikes.

Something hits the ISS, and when Jo ventures outside to make repairs, she discovers a deceased “space traveler”.

The damage forces the rest of the crew to evacuate, leaving Jo behind to repair the escape pod and hopefully return to Earth.

Trauma and Mystery on Earth

Jo eventually makes it back to Earth safely, though this doesn’t lessen the tension. Instead, it becomes key to the story’s structure, as the narrative alternates between Jo’s time on the ISS and her life after returning to Earth.

Even though we know she survives, these moments are still suspenseful, making the series a mystery about what the NASA device actually does.

A Dangerous Experiment with Side Effects

The project is led by legendary American astronaut Henry (Jonathan Banks), a Nobel laureate who frequents sci-fi conferences and is eager to reclaim his place as a pioneer in scientific discovery.

Initially, we only know that his research involves exploring other states of matter that seemingly can only occur in a zero-gravity environment.

Henry is so obsessed with unraveling this mystery, that he cares more about his research results than the human lives that are sacrificed. This experiment has very real side effects, particularly on Jo.

Back on Earth, the Effects and Mental Disturbances

Initially, everything seems fine after Jo returns to Earth. She reunites with her husband and daughter and tries to resume a normal life. However, strange things start to happen.

The Toll of the Experiment and Mental Breakdown

Jo starts to experience small oddities, like forgetting the color of the family car and misnaming friends.

Things get even stranger and darker when Jo gives a statement about what happened on the ISS, but her memory differs from that of the other crew members.

This shows a discrepancy between her current self and her self before the incident. Noomi Rapace’s acting makes us feel like we’re seeing two different characters at times.

Constellation” approaches the genre of psychological horror, with unsettling sounds, bodies floating in zero gravity, and time jumps that make it difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what’s Jo’s hallucination.

Similar to “True Detective: Night Country”, Promising an Intriguing Mystery

The comparison to “True Detective: Night Country” is not without reason. Both series have a similar atmosphere.

They both develop slowly, presenting clues and important information gradually, and occasionally spicing things up with strange or horrific elements.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Constellation will truly deliver on all its creepy promises, as many series have faltered in their execution of the mystery.

However, this promising start is enough of a reason for sci-fi fans to check out Apple TV Plus’ streaming service.

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