Unleash Your Inner Voice: Exploring Apple is New Journal App

Do you ever scroll through endless TikTok feeds, wishing you spent more time reflecting on your own life? Apple is new Journal app might be the nudge you need.

This built-in iOS 17.2 feature aims to simplify journaling and make it a seamless part of your daily routine.

More Than Just Notes: A Focus on Wellbeing

Journal goes beyond the typical notes app. It’s designed to be a haven for your thoughts, memories, and emotions. Unlike Notes’ chaotic good vibes, Journal embodies a lawful good approach.

Here, you can organize and record your experiences with photos, videos, voice memos, and geotags, creating a digital scrapbook.

Combating the Blank Page Blues

Feeling intimidated by the blank page? Fear not! Journal offers a helping hand with its “Journaling Suggestions” feature. This utilizes on-device intelligence to curate prompts and inspiration based on your photos, activities, and even past entries.

You’ll find prompts like “Describe the most memorable part of your week” or “Write about something you’ve struggled to change”. But don’t worry, these are just suggestions! You can easily create entries with just visuals or voice notes if writing isn’t your forte.

Tailoring the Experience to You

While some suggestions might bring back unwanted memories (no, you don’t have to write about that vet visit!), Journal allows you to customize what prompts you see.

You can choose to exclude categories like “Significant Locations” or “Contacts” so you don’t get bombarded with reminders for every place you stop by.

Beyond the iPhone: A Look at Limitations

While Journal offers a convenient way to capture your life on the go, it currently lacks features found in Notes, like a search bar. Additionally, it’s limited to iOS devices for now.

This can be frustrating if you prefer longer journaling sessions on a laptop or iPad. However, iCloud storage ensures you won’t lose your entries when switching phones.

A Gentle Push in the Right Direction

The Journal app won’t magically turn you into a journaling aficionado. However, it offers a less intimidating way to capture your thoughts and feelings.

You don’t have to create lengthy, emotionally charged entries every time. Even a quick voice note or a photo can be a valuable memory jog.

The Verdict: Who Should Use It?

If you’re a dedicated physical journaler or a seasoned app user, sticking to your current practice might be best. However, Journal shines for those who:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the traditional journaling experience.
  • Want to incorporate multimedia elements like photos and videos.
  • Struggle with writer’s block and need prompts to get started.
  • Already spend a lot of time on their iPhones.

So, the next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling, consider giving Journal a try. You might be surprised at how easy and rewarding it can be to capture your life’s journey.

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