YouTube Remix: Feature Edit Music Videos into YouTube Shorts

YouTube  has unveiled a groundbreaking new feature that empowers users to remix music videos and seamlessly convert them into captivating YouTube Shorts.

This revolutionary feature grants users unprecedented control over full-length music videos, enabling them to customize various parameters and craft truly unique creations.

Intriguingly, this feature bears a striking resemblance to TikTok’s functionality.


How the YouTube Remix Feature Works

To use the YouTube Remix feature, users first need to find a music video that they want to remix. Once they have found a video, they can click on the “Remix” button below the video. This will open up a new menu with four options:

  1. Sound: This option allows users to extract the audio from a music video and integrate it into their own YouTube Shorts. This feature has gained immense popularity on TikTok, with countless users lip-syncing to a diverse range of audio clips. Sound is available for all music videos and most songs automatically uploaded to the platform.
  2. Green Screen: This innovative feature takes users to the next level by transforming music videos into dynamic backgrounds. Against these captivating backdrops, users can sing, dance, and unleash their creativity in limitless ways.
  3. Cut: This feature empowers users to extract five-second video clips and seamlessly integrate them into any YouTube Short.
  4. Collab: This groundbreaking feature enables users to create side-by-side videos, showcasing their YouTube Shorts alongside the original content. YouTube touts this option as an ideal choice for users and their friends to showcase collaborative choreography alongside the original artist.

YouTube Remix Feature Availability

The YouTube Remix feature is currently available on the YouTube mobile app for iOS and Android. However, it may not be available to all users yet.

YouTube vs. TikTok: The Battle for Short-Form Video Domination

YouTube Shorts has been considered similar to TikTok since its launch in 2021. However, this new feature further increases its similarity to TikTok.

Interestingly, YouTube launched the YouTube Remix feature just as Universal Music Group (UMG) pulled its artists’ catalog from TikTok due to a financial negotiation failure.

This means that popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Drake, and Billie Eilish are no longer available on TikTok. This could be a major blow to TikTok, as it could lead to users switching to YouTube Shorts.

The Future of Short-Form Video

The launch of the YouTube Remix feature is a sign that YouTube is taking the short-form video market seriously. It will be interesting to see how TikTok responds to this new challenge.

One thing is for sure: the competition between YouTube and TikTok is only going to get more intense in the coming years. This is good news for users, as it will lead to more innovation and better features in both platforms.

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