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Sandvik: A Global Leader in Innovative Medical Technology

The medical industry is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and the global need for better healthcare. Amidst these advancements, Sandvik, a leading global manufacturing company, plays a critical role in providing innovative tools and solutions that help save lives.

Sandvik’s Contributions to the Medical Industry

Sandvik contributes to various sectors within the medical industry, including:

Surgical Tools:

Sandvik Coromant offers a wide range of precision surgical tools used in surgeries, such as scalpels, bone saws, and implants. These tools are made of high-quality biocompatible materials that are safe for the human body.

Examples of products:

  • CoroMill® 390: A milling cutter designed for complex spinal surgeries.
  • Seco® Jabro®: Precision drills for dental and bone surgeries.

Implant Technology:

Sandvik Orthopaedics develops innovative implants that help replace or repair damaged body parts, such as joints, bones, and teeth. These implants are made of durable biocompatible materials that are safe for the human body.

Examples of products:

  • Univation®: A knee implant designed to provide optimal mobility and stability.
  • Exceed®: A spinal implant that helps stabilize the spine and reduce pain.

Medical Device Manufacturing:

Sandvik Additive Manufacturing offers advanced manufacturing solutions for medical device companies, helping them produce high-quality products with high efficiency and precision.

Examples of solutions:

  • BeamMed®: Metal 3D printing technology for producing complex and personalized implants.
  • CoroPak®: An innovative packaging solution for surgical tools that helps maintain product sterility and safety.

Examples of Sandvik Product Applications in the Medical Industry

Bone Implants: Sandvik bone implants help patients who have suffered bone fractures or bone damage due to disease. These implants are made of titanium, a strong and durable biocompatible material.

Artificial Joints: Sandvik artificial joints help patients who suffer from arthritis or other joint damage. These joints are made of durable biocompatible materials and allow patients to move freely without pain.

Microsurgical Tools: Sandvik microsurgical tools are use in complex and highly precise surgeries, such as eye surgery and brain surgery. These tools allow doctors to perform surgery with a high level of precision and minimize the risk of complications.

Case Study

Patient with Knee Osteoarthritis Finds Relief with Univation® Implant

A 65-year-old patient experienced severe pain and stiffness in her knee due to osteoarthritis. She had difficulty walking and performing daily activities. After undergoing surgery to replace her knee with a Univation® implant, the patient experienced improved mobility and quality of life. She can now walk without pain and participate in the activities she enjoys.

Medical Expert Testimonial

Dr. Sarah Jones, Orthopaedic Surgeon

“Sandvik surgical tools allow me to perform surgery with high precision and efficiency. This helps me to provide better care for my patients and improve surgical outcomes.”

Sandvik plays a critical role in the medical industry by providing innovative tools and solutions that help save lives. The company is committe to developing sustainable and innovative products and solutions to help improve the quality of life for patients worldwide.