Mozilla Monitor Plus: Take Back Control of Your Digital Footprint!

In the digital age, privacy becomes a valuable commodity. However, many “people search” sites exploit personal information for profit. They promise access to someone’s criminal records, financial history, and personal life.

Services like this certainly collect a lot of data, even though the information comes from questionable sources and is often misleading. According to arsTECHNICA, Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, understands this concern.

They finally launched Mozilla Monitor Plus, a web-based automated solution to monitor and remove digital traces from “people search” sites and data breaches to find your personal information.

Mozilla Monitor Plus: Easily Delete Digital Traces

In this case, Mozilla Monitor Plus offers its users two levels of service:

  • Free: Detects the presence of information in data breaches and data broker sites where Mozilla finds your information (with easy-to-understand privacy policies).
  • Paid: Continuously monitors and automatically removes your information from these sites. The subscription fee is $14 per month or $108 per year (around $9 per month).

Revealing Information About “Data Brokers”

Mozilla Monitor uses the term “data broker” for personal information search sites. It should be noted that this term also refers to companies that collect data from browsing history, account registration, and other online activities.

These data brokers have complete information about everyone and sell it to authorities or other organizations, such as the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Monitor: Protecting Data Since 2020

To date, Mozilla Monitor has helped 10 million people find out about their data breaches through the alerts it provides.

Mozilla Monitor Plus promises to delete data from “people search” sites within 7-14 days, sometimes even within hours. The progress of this data deletion process can also be seen through the easy-to-use web.

Remember! Mozilla Monitor Plus is web-based and does not require Firefox to use and comes with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you want to know more details.

Building an Integrated Privacy Ecosystem

Mozilla Monitor Plus is here to complement Mozilla’s existing privacy products, such as the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Relay (phone number and email anonymization) services.

Mozilla is predicted to introduce a privacy service that combines VPN, Relay, and Monitor Plus for convenience and affordability.

Protect Your Privacy Now with Mozilla Monitor Plus!

With the increasing awareness of privacy, the solution offered by Mozilla Monitor Plus is becoming more relevant.

Monitoring and deleting digital traces is an important step in controlling personal information and avoiding potential data misuse.

Therefore, immediately visit the official Mozilla website to find out more about Mozilla Monitor Plus and other privacy products offered.

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