Send AI: Building AI Models for Secure Document Data Extraction

Dutch startup Send AI is shaking up the document processing landscape with its unique approach that prioritizes accuracy, security, and customization for businesses.

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf solutions, Send AI empowers companies to tackle complex document formats and extract crucial data seamlessly, even in highly regulated industries like insurance.

The Challenge: Extracting Data from Unstructured Documents

Extracting data from documents can be a tedious and error-prone task, especially for businesses dealing with diverse formats like Portable Document Formats (PDFs), paper files, and smartphone photos.

Traditional document processing software often struggles with such “unstructured” data, leading to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. This can be particularly problematic in regulated industries where data integrity is paramount.

Send AI is Solution: Customizable AI with Human-in-the-Loop Control

Send AI tackles this challenge head-on with a customizable AI platform. Companies can train separate computer vision and language models to recognize specific documents and extract relevant data points.

The beauty lies in the human-in-the-loop approach. If there’s any doubt, users can seamlessly review and validate each step through a web interface, ensuring complete control and accuracy.

Focus on Security and Data Privacy

Data security is a major concern for businesses, especially in cloud-based solutions.

Send AI prioritizes user privacy by deploying isolated open-source transformer models for each customer. This ensures data segregation and allows for deletion upon request.

This approach makes Send AI a compelling choice for data-sensitive industries like healthcare and government, where on-premise deployments might seem like the only option.

Send AI vs. Large Language Models (LLMs): A Different Approach

Several startups leverage powerful Large Language Models (LLMs) for document processing.

However, Send AI argues that these models, while effective for tasks like summarization, struggle with the high degree of accuracy needed for large-volume document processing.

Send AI’s focus on smaller, customer-trained models aims to provide a more reliable and cost-effective solution.

Early Traction and Future Plans

Despite being in private beta, Send AI boasts impressive clients like insurance giant Axa. The company plans to use its recent funding to expand its team and prepare for a full commercial launch in the coming year.

In conclusion, Send AI is poised to disrupt the document processing space with its unique blend of customizable AI, human oversight, and a focus on data security.

This innovative approach empowers businesses to extract valuable insights from complex documents with confidence, paving the way for a new era of efficient and accurate data processing.

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