Google Warning: Keep Personal Data Secret from Gemini!

Google recently launched an advanced AI chatbot called Gemini, capable of engaging in dialogue and generating creative text. While Gemini offers an exciting interactive experience. Google has issued an important warning to its users: Keep your personal data confidential when interacting with Gemini!

Gemini as a Potential Rival to ChatGPT

Gemini has the potential to be a strong competitor to ChatGPT. However, like ChatGPT, this AI assistant raises serious privacy concerns, which Google itself has disclosed to users.

Data Collection Practices on the Gemini Apps Privacy Hub

According to ZDNet’s findings, Google recently updated the Gemini Apps Privacy Hub page on its support site. That explain how this conversational AI app handles user data. Google transparently states in the privacy notice on the Gemini page that they will collect your conversation data, location, use of related products, and feedback.

This data collection is done to improve the Gemini service and provide a more personalized experience for users. Google states that the data is used to “provide, improve, and develop Google products and services and machine learning technologies.” While this may sound alarming, it is a common practice for this type of technology, like it or not. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Google’s Warning on the Gemini Apps Privacy Hub

At the top of the Gemini Apps Privacy Hub, Google provides the following warning:

“Please do not enter confidential information into your conversations or any data that you would not want a reviewer to see or used by Google to improve our products, services, and machine learning technologies.”

Google employs human reviewers who “read, annotate, and process” your conversations with Gemini. Google does guarantee that conversations in Gemini are separate from your Google Account and that personal information is deleted before review. However, there are still limits to Google’s ability to protect your personal data, especially if you share a lot of sensitive information when interacting with Gemini.

Storing Conversations for Up to Three Years

However, the most concerning part of the notice is:

“Examples of these conversations are reviewed by trained reviewers and stored for up to three years, separate from your Google Account.”

If you want to avoid having your data stored on Google’s servers for up to three years, you can disable Gemini Apps Activity from this page.

Google states that if you disable this setting, “future conversations will not be sent for human review or used to improve our generative machine learning models”. You can also delete your activity from there.

Google has issued a clear warning about the potential privacy risks of using Gemini. Steps such as deleting activity and avoiding sensitive information can help, but careful consideration is still needed. Users should be cautious when using this AI assistant and choose the data they share.

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