NEC AI in Robotics: Smarter Warehouses, Efficient Workflows

NEC Corporation, a leading technology company from Japan, has recently announced a breakthrough in robotics technology. NEC has developed AI technology that enables robots to handle disordered objects autonomously.

This AI technology is called “Spatiotemporal Prediction” and “Robot Motion Generation“. Spatiotemporal Prediction allows robots to understand the work environment and predict the outcome of their actions.

Robot Motion Generation then uses this information to generate optimal and safe movements to handle disordered objects.

This AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the logistics and warehouse industry. Robots equipped with this technology can help improve efficiency and accuracy in the process of moving and storing goods. This can save time and costs for companies in these industries.

NEC plans to start marketing this AI technology in 2025. The company believes that this technology will be an innovative and effective solution to address logistics and storage problems.

Benefits of NEC AI Technology

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy: Robots can work faster and more accurately in handling goods.
  • Save time and cost: The process of moving and storing goods becomes more efficient, saving time and cost for companies.
  • Reduce the risk of work accidents: Robots can handle dangerous tasks that are risky for humans.
  • Increase productivity and competitiveness: Companies can improve productivity and competitiveness by using this AI technology.

Applications of NEC AI Technology

  • Logistics: Robots can assist in the process of moving and storing goods in warehouses, ports, and airports.
  • Manufacturing: Robots can assist in the assembly and packaging of products.
  • E-commerce: Robots can assist in the processing and delivery of orders.
  • Retail: Robots can assist in the restocking and packaging of goods in stores.


This AI technology is a significant breakthrough in the field of robotics. With its ability to handle disordered objects autonomously, robots equipped with this technology can assist humans in various dangerous, tiring, and repetitive tasks.

NEC continues to innovate in the field of robotics and AI. The company is committed to developing technologies that can assist humans in various aspects of life.