Choosing a Paid AI Chatbot: ChatGPT Plus vs. Gemini Advanced

Choosing between paid AI chatbots like ChatGPT Plus and Gemini Advanced can be confusing.

Although both have a monthly subscription price of $20, they offer different features and experiences.

AI Chatbot Considerations

  • Needs: When choosing an AI chatbot, if you are a programmer or an AI user for specific purposes, a paid subscription may be beneficial. However, for casual users, the free versions of ChatGPT and Gemini are sufficient.
  • Accuracy: Do not fully trust the output of chatbots. They can “lie,” such as misidentifying images in previous tests.

AI Chatbot Feature Comparison

  • Gemini Advanced: Offered with Google One (including 2 TB of cloud storage) and integration with Gmail/Docs is planned. The Gemini Pro 1.5 model is not yet publicly available.
  • ChatGPT Plus: Offers a “GPT Store” to build and share custom ChatGPT versions.
  • Copilot Pro (Microsoft): Direct integration with Microsoft productivity software (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) if you subscribe to Microsoft 365.

Example Comparison of Results from Both Chatbots

  • Meeting Summary: Both are able to summarize interview transcripts well.
  • Email Rewriting: Gemini Advanced is more successful in creating professional-sounding emails.
  • Instagram Captions: Both fail, ChatGPT Plus even produces ambiguous sentences.
  • Invitation Design: ChatGPT Plus is visually better, but there is an error in the Peppa Pig image.Roleplay: Both are entertaining. ChatGPT Plus is funny, Gemini Advanced is more imaginative.

Privacy and Language

  • Conversations with chatbots are not entirely private. Do not share sensitive information.
  • OpenAI and Google store conversation data for AI training and human review.
  • Gemini Advanced stores data for a longer time and is used for AI training if not turned off.
  • Both prioritize English. ChatGPT supports limited other languages, Gemini Advanced is under development.
  • Paid AI chatbots do not yet meet productivity expectations, but are valuable for certain users.

This technology may be the basis for future browsers, search engines, and operating systems. Currently, you can use it to improve your email writing for $20 per month.

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