Google AI stop generating image of people

Google Pulls Plug on Gemini AI

Google has recently withdrawn its Gemini AI image generator platform, an innovative tool that allowed users to create realistic images based on text. Concerns about security and ethical risks prompted Google to withdraw the powerful AI technology, Gemini AI.

Reasons for the Withdrawal of Gemini AI

  1. Potential for Misuse: The primary concern revolves around the potential misuse of the technology to generate harmful images, such as deepfakes or images that manipulate information.
    – Gemini AI risks creating fake images of politicians uttering fabricated statements.
    – To create propaganda images that incite violence.
  2. Algorithmic Bias: The risk of algorithmic bias in the underlying AI model of Gemini AI could lead to the generation of discriminatory or offensive images.
    – The AI might unconsciously generate images of women wearing revealing clothing more often than men.
    – Images of people of color being depicted as criminals more often than white people.
  3. Copyright Unclearness: The lack of clear ownership and copyright for generated images raises concerns.
    – It is unclear who owns the copyright to images created by users.
    – How such images can be used legally.

Impact of the Withdrawal

  1. User Disappointment: The pull of Gemini AI upsets users who used it for design, content, and even art therapy. Many users appreciated Gemini AI’s ability to generate creative and inspiring images.
  2. Innovation Setback: The withdrawal could hinder progress in the development of AI image generators and other creative AI technologies. That could make other companies hesitant to develop similar AI technologies for fear of negative consequences.
  3. Heightened Concerns about AI Security: Highlights the importance of considering security and ethical risks in AI development. The withdrawal shows that society needs to be cautious in developing and using powerful AI technologies.

Google’s Efforts

Google has stated that it is committed to developing responsible and safe AI. The Google team is working to:

  1. Enhance Security: Google is working to address potential security risks and algorithmic bias in the Gemini AI model. Google is developing techniques to detect and prevent misuse of Gemini AI and ensure that the AI model does not generate discriminatory images.
  2. Develop Ethical Guidelines: Google is formulating clear ethical guidelines for the use of AI image generators and other creative AI technologies. Clear ethical guidelines aim to ensure responsible AI use and prevent harm to society.
  3. Ensure Copyright Clarity: Google is working to resolve copyright issues related to generated images. Google is building a system to track ownership and ensure legal image use.

Google’s withdrawal of Gemini AI is a significant step in ensuring security and ethics in AI development. Google is actively working on responsible AI through better security, clear guidelines, and copyright fixes.

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