Neara’s AI Shields Utilities from Extreme Weather

Frequent extreme weather harms utility networks, causing outages, damage, and disruptions. Australian AI firm Neara tackles extreme weather with innovative solutions, empowering utilities to build resilience.

Neara utilizes digital twins and AI to build a digital replica of utility networks, incorporating data and historical weather to predict and prevent extreme weather impacts.

This digital replica allows utilities to simulate various weather scenarios and predict potential risks, such as power outages caused by wildfires or floods.

Armed with this predictive information, utilities can proactively take steps to strengthen their networks and minimize the impact of extreme weather events. Neara empowers them to:

  • Identify vulnerable areas: Neara’s AI analyzes data and pinpoints areas at high risk of damage from extreme weather events. This enables utilities to focus on fortifying infrastructure in those areas.
  • Optimize resource management: Neara helps utilities optimize the allocation of resources, such as crews and equipment, during emergencies. This helps them respond to incidents more quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhance decision-making: Neara’s real-time data and risk analysis empower utilities with faster, smarter decisions during crises.

Neara’s AI is innovation has proven valuable for various utilities worldwide, including Southern California Edison, the largest utility company in California.

The company utilizes Neara’s technology to predict and prevent wildfires that could lead to power outages.

Neara demonstrates how AI can be pivotal in protecting utility networks from extreme weather.

Neara helps utilities enhance resilience, minimize service disruptions, and improve customer satisfaction through digital twin technology and machine learning.


Neara exemplifies the innovative use of AI to bolster infrastructure resilience and safeguard communities from the impacts of extreme weather events.

Neara’s technology empowers utilities to make their networks more adaptive and robust, ensuring more reliable and safe customer service.

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