YouTube TV: Upgrade Your Video Quality with 1080p Enhanced!

Good News for YouTube TV Users! Popular streaming platform YouTube TV has just launched a new feature called “1080p Enhanced.”

This feature can improve video quality for various content, from your favorite series to sports matches.

1080p Enhanced: More Than Just a Resolution Boost

According to Engadget, the 1080p Enhanced feature offers better video quality than the previous 1080p60 option.

The improvement is not only in the resolution but also in the higher bitrate, resulting in sharper and clearer images.

Information from Reddit and Google

The launch of this feature was first announced after a Reddit user uploaded a post about it. Google then officially confirmed through a response that 1080p Enhanced “delivers our highest video quality”.

Reddit users who have access to 1080p Enhanced reported that the resolution is available for all the same channels as 1080p60. This is certainly good news for fans of movies and series from those channels.

YouTube Premium Also Gets an Upgrade

The implementation of 1080p Enhanced follows in the footsteps of YouTube Premium, another Google-owned video platform that previously improved video quality for its subscribers.

Thus, YouTube users on various platforms can now enjoy a better viewing experience.

How to Access 1080p Enhanced

For YouTube TV and Primetime Channels users with 4K-compatible streaming devices, you can access 1080p Enhanced through the video quality settings.

However, it should be noted that Google is currently fixing a bug that prevents manual selection of 1080p Enhanced.

Nevertheless, Google assures that the bug does not affect image quality and they are also working to fix it soon.

Good News for YouTube TV Users

The launch of 1080p Enhanced is good news for YouTube TV and Primetime Channels users.

This feature offers a significant improvement in video quality, so users can easily enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

While there are some technical issues at the moment, Google is working on fixing them. So, stay tuned for future updates to enjoy 1080p Enhanced with full control!

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