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Ban on Tesla Drivers Using Apple VR

Untuk Pertama Kali, Pengemudi Autopilot Tesla Dijerat Pasal Pembunuhan

Call for Tesla Drivers to Stay Focused

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has highlighted the importance of road safety by emphasizing that Tesla drivers must remain focused while driving.

These concerns follow the circulation of videos showing drivers using Apple VR headset. This raises serious questions about the use of technology inside vehicles.

On a social media platform, Buttigieg stressed that drivers must always be in control and fully focused on the road. Regardless of the advanced features in their vehicles.

The aim is to prevent potential distractions that could endanger themselves and other road users.

The use of Apple VR headsets while driving has raised serious concerns. Especially since wearing these devices can obstruct the driver’s view. Videos showing drivers on the New York subway and in a gym have also raised similar concerns.

Additionally, the use of such headsets is also prohibited in Apple’s user instructions when driving.

While technologies like autopilot are present in Tesla vehicles, the driver is still responsible for maintaining control and focusing on the surroundings.

Therefore, it is crucial for Tesla owners and other drivers to understand the importance of road safety. It is also necessary to avoid using technologies that can distract them while driving.

Viral Video of Tesla Driver

A viral video shows a Tesla driver wearing an Apple headset in the driver’s seat, with their eyes completely covered. This, of course, raises serious concerns about road safety.

This is because it shows a significant potential distraction for the driver.

Although the driver involved claims that the video was just a joke, it does not diminish its impact on public perception of the use of technology inside vehicles.

Driver’s clarification sparks debate on responsible VR use and stricter anti-distraction regulations.

While the driver attempts to clarify the video, there is still uncertainty about how automotive companies like Tesla and technology companies like Apple will respond to this incident.

Official statements from both companies are highly anticipated to provide a clearer picture of their views on the use of technology inside vehicles and the steps they will take to ensure the safety of road users in the future.

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