Notion Acquires Skiff, a Privacy-Focused Productivity Platform

Notion, a popular productivity software, is taking its privacy features to the next level with the acquisition of Skiff. Skiff is a platform that offers end-to-end encrypted file storage, documents, calendars, and email.

Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg found Skiff in 2020. It attracted $14.2 million in investment from notable parties including Sequoia Capital, Alphabet CEO John Hennessy, former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, and Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz.

Notion’s Interest in Skiff

Notion’s COO, Akshay Kothari, explained the company’s interest in Skiff from the beginning. Akhsay said that Skiff had caught their attention since Notion’s early days. He even tried to contact them when they were building their Docs product. Then, he added that although he and Skiff didn’t connect at that time, he continued to follow their progress.

Initially, Skiff offered a secure alternative to Google Docs. They later developed new productivity solutions such as calendars and email. In an official announcement, Skiff stated that it is joining Notion. However, their products will be shut down after six months. Skiff user accounts will not be automatically converted to Notion, but users can easily export or migrate their data to other services.

The acquisition of Skiff marks Notion’s latest move to strengthen its productivity offerings while emphasizing its commitment to user privacy. This follows the acquisition of Flowdash (a workflow management tool) in 2022 and Cron and (integrations with 200 services) previously.

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